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Science Writing Core Module


Over the period of a semester, we will investigate, reflect on, discuss, and practice all parts that make up a journal article. The main approach is through a rhetorical analysis of what the text does and implement these in our own text. To get the most out of this, we suggest you work on your own article. Our overall aim is that after the semester, you’ll have a paper which is (near) ready for submission.


Writing a Literature Review Paper


Writing a literature review can be challenging as a writer. Primarily because a literature review is as much a method as an overview of the literature in our research field. This elective course module provides a step by step guide how to systematically go through the writing of a literature review, beginning with the systematic processing of the literature itself to the reporting of the outcome of that process. Many of the rules for writing are applicable when writing the literature review.


Reference Management System


Once aspect of writing is managing the fast amount of text you read and references you collect for your articles. This includes incorporating them correctly in your text, as in text citations and as references in your reference list. Using a reference management system makes this process easy and allows you to change formats with a click of a button when the journal requirements change. In this module you’ll get a introduction how reference management systems work and how to get you started.


Plagiarism / Academic honesty


Plagiarism is a sensitive topic to address, primarily because when we talk about plagiarism, we should talk about academic honesty. When we conduct our science, and write up our paper honestly, we avoid the trap of plagiarism all together. The same applies when we consider that the writing we produce is a long process that includes thinking, planning, reading, ideating, drafting, writing, revising, reviewing, more revising and finally editing, we should not even have to consider plagiarism an issue that needs attention.




A well developed line of argument in your text is a common trademark of science writing. During this workshop we will be exploring the scientific argument and how to plan and write your text to support your scientific argument.