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Follow up Writing Group meetings and Literature Review Workshop

Hi everyone, 

To follow up on today’s sessions, please take note of the following: 

  1. Go to Science Writing Core Module SPR2020  t0 follow the course online. Last addition is the Literature Review, including the slides and Wilson’s recorded seminar on writing a Systematic Literature Review. [Course and Download Slides]
  2. Go to Writing the systematic literature review to follow the elective workshop on writing a systematic literature review. 
  3. Consider how the content from today’s webinar feeds back into your own introduction and the introduction of your peers. Consider giving feedback about the Value, the Authorial Stance, and how the Rhetorical Moves of the literature has been presented in the Introduction (Coming to Terms; Forwarding; Countering; Taking and Approach — see slides). Also, consider the verb tenses (present simple, present perfect and the past simple). 
  4. Evaluate your own writing process and how much of it is line with your own knowledge construction, how the text is used as a means to transform this knowledge, and your Audience. 
  5. Do the Audience Analysis (p.24 in today’s slides) LitRev_WS SPR2020

The next step is: 

  1. Make revisions to your text based on the input from today’s writing group meeting and literature review workshop. Use the following guideline when revising your text How to revise your text
  2. Deadline to submit your next draft is 01 April 
  3. The next writing group meeting is 06 April — feedback on the revised draft (further developed draft) 
  4. If you have made new arrangements for your group meeting, please let us (Wilson, Innocent and Djuddah) know.
  5. We have included the email address of your group members in the group overview table. If you need to contact them, please do. You can also contact each other in the learning environment via your group page — see instruction here [your group area]
March 23, 2020

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