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SciWri Team

Wilson O. Otchie

Wilson O. Otchie is a PhD student at the University of Tartu, Estonia. His research interests are in educational technology, particularly in the appropriation of social media in the context of learning and teaching. Wilson has several years of working experience in education in diferent capacities, as a teacher, a headmaster, an administrator, and a school principal.

Wilson O. Otchie

Selim Bayraktar

Selim Bayraktar is a last year PhD student at the İstanbul University, Turkey in Department of Landscape Architecture and also he was visiting doctoral researcher at Institute of Ecology & Earth Sciences, University of Tartu, Estonia. He is working as a research assistant in field of landscape ecology and landscape planning in İstanbul University-Cerrahpasa where he also continues to work as a teaching. He participated in academic writing trainings supported by different institutions (Elsevier, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey etc.). He has research experiences in Greece, Sweden and Estonia.