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Post-workshop task

Your task for next week: Draft your Introduction & Review your group members’ drafts

Draft submission deadline: 26.09.2018
Feedback deadline: 28.09.2018
1st Writing Group (WG) meeting: 28.09.2018 at 2-4 PM at Struwe 1 (group work rooms)

– Draft your Introduction section using the 3 moves discussed in the workshop: (Establishing the territory, Establishing the niche, Occupying the niche)

– Include any steps that are appropriate for your study

– Together with your draft, submit a short cover letter (see https://goo.gl/FXbzpD)

– Give written feedback comments to your group members’ drafts (see https://goo.gl/1EXn2p)

Draft submission

The draft will be submitted via the course website communicatingscience.ut.ee and shared with your group members and instructors only.

In order to submit a draft you need to log on with your user account, which you will receive together with the guidelines up loading your text in the beginning of next week at the latest.